Learning Enrichment

Our College provides three levels of Learning Enrichment support for students.

Challenge activities, where many students participate in beyond-school opportunities such as:

  • Reader’s Cup Challenge
  • ICAS Competitions in Science, Digital Technologies,
  • Spelling, Writing, English and Maths
  • Westpac Maths Competition
  • Inter-School Chess Competitions
  • Tournament of Minds

Classroom Learning, where teachers differentiate the curriculum in the classroom to engage learners and provide opportunities for intellectually challenging learning experiences for all students including:

  • Design based investigations
  • Project Based Learning tasks
  • Extension activities

These activities ensure learners are utilising core learning, along with critical and creative thinking to generate and evaluate knowledge, clarify concepts and ideas, seek possibilities, consider alternatives and solve problems. Students are encouraged to think broadly and deeply using skills, behaviours and dispositions such as reason, logic, resourcefulness, imagination and innovation.

Co-curricular activities such as programs such as the weekly Chess Club, Faith’s Got Talent (Talent Quest), Kaleidoscope Club, Spanish Club and digital technologies in the Creation Station Maker Space.

Gifted and Talented at Faith

What does term ‘Gifted and Talented’ mean? It is often considered that the students in this area are a homogenous population themselves; however, gifts and talents correspond to distinct types of abilities. These natural abilities can be divided into four aptitude domains of either, intellectual, creative, social or physical. Everyone possesses some form of ability in each domain but it is those whose ability level largely exceeds most of their peers that are considered "gifted". With this in mind, gifted and talented students are encouraged to stay with their peer groups to allow them to develop their other domains effectively. At Faith, students are catered for within the classroom with multi-level activities and programs developed for students in order to develop and improve their skills, whilst enhancing their inherent motivation to learn. By stimulating student interests and creating a climate that promotes achievement, students are encouraged to accept and value their gifts.

Provision for gifted pupils is integrated into an appropriate learning environment and an enriched curriculum giving the gifted and talented students opportunity to demonstrate and develop their talents. Opportunity is also provided through extracurricular activities and clubs providing additional in-depth explorations of subjects. Special experiences are also provided throughout the year where students are able to extend and challenge themselves.

Teachers as Researchers (TAR21)