History of Faith Lutheran College, Redlands

In 2022, Faith celebrates 40 years of Learning and Community in the Redlands. Celebrating 40 events over 40 weeks.

Faith Lutheran Primary School was the first independent school In the Redlands area and it was established by the Redlands Lutheran Parish in 1982.

The initial enrolment was approximately sixty students. In the early years the members of the local Lutheran congregations showed strong and loyal support to this new and growing school.

Many families gave of their time, money and talents to assist the school in those early years. Without such effort and dedication to the school, we would not have the school that is here today.

In 2007 Faith celebrated 25 Years of Education in the Redlands.

Those of you who are interested in history we hope you will read the journey of Faith from a Primary school to a College with the first Year 12 cohort graduating in its 25th year.

Please enjoy!

25 Years of Faith

40 Years of Faith