Health & PE

The Physical Education program at Faith is based on four major units throughout the year.

Term One - Swimming

The YMCA swimming pool (adjacent to the College) is used for our swimming program. Each class from Year 1-3 participates in a six week swimming program. Each class is divided into three ability groups which enables each instructor and teacher to have a manageable group of approximately nine students each. Students are introduced to water safety, swimming strokes, water sports and survival strategies through the program. Each lesson is programmed for 45 minutes.

Students also have an opportunity to represent the College in swimming carnivals. (see SPORT)

Term Two - Athletics

The oval area is used for a six week Athletics program. The focus of these 45 minute lessons with the Physical Education specialist teacher are:

  • running (sprints and middle distance and relays)
  • jumping (high jump and long jump)
  • throwing (shot putt)
  • ball games

Students compete in a range of Athletics Carnivals.

See Sport below

Term Three - Minor Units

See minor units

Term Four - Ball Games / Skills

Pre-school to Year 4 students have a program which focuses on Ball Skills of throwing, catching, hitting, bouncing and rolling. Skills are introduced which are used in a variety of ball sports. Modified games are introduced to students as their skills develop. These modified games include bocce, minki hockey, Auskick (Australian Rules Football), modified volleyball etc.

Minor 2-3 week units are conducted in the following areas:

  • Ten Pin Bowling - all students from year 1-6 participate in a skills program
  • Skipping - the students participate in a Jump Rope for Heart skipping program each year.
  • Orienteering - students are introduced to the skills of orienteering
  • Cross Country - Students who choose to participate in this program are able to train two afternoons a week to prepare for interschool cross country races (see SPORT)


Students have the opportunity to participate in various swimming and athletics competitions including - school carnivals, district, regional, state and national competitions.

Faith students have excelled in Cross Country and athletics competitions in recent years.