Outside School Hours & Vacation Care

Contact number: 3820 5236

Friday 14 th August is a Pupil Free Day! Faith OSHC will be open.

Our day will include –

  • Pizza making – watch the yeast rise the dough and make your own pizza – Yum!
  • Creation Station – Jewellery making. Design and wear your individual piece.
  • Games Galore – Pop up tiggy, Pac Man, Pressure and so much more.

Cost $55.00 – Less when Government rebate is considered

To book use the Before & After School booking choice below or email foshc@oshc.flcr.qld.edu.au


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Meet our new FLCR OSHC Director Katrina Hardie

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kat and I am so happy to be joining the Faith Outside School Hours Care team.

I have been working with children for over 20 years and have Diploma’s in Early Childhood and School Aged Care. I also have qualifications in Hospitality Management and am a Gymnastics Coach.

Now for the fun stuff. Art is a passion – I am not incredibly good, but I have great fun getting messy. I hope you like to cook because so do I. While MasterChef will not be asking me to join, scones are my speciality. Any kind of chocolate is my weakness.

I am a keen handball player and enjoy playing lots of games like basketball Master, pressure, pop up tiggy and Silent ball. I love playing kick tennis – I can kick a footy pretty well.

Some of the things I enjoy doing outside of work include travel, so discovering languages is fun. Dress ups and making things is a challenge up am up for.

My family and I live in Victoria Point. As a family we love playing board games like Splendour, Ticket to Ride and Catan. In my spare time I enjoy kayaking, bike riding and love to walk my dog. Cooking is another of my pastimes - creating dishes in my kitchen, some are a success – others have room for improvement or make their way swiftly to the compost.

I am always up for a chat and open to new and interesting ideas.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing what comes of our journey together.

Kind regards,