Music is an integral part of education at Faith. Regular and varied opportunities are provided for the children to experience musical activities though the classroom music program.

Each Junior School class, from Prep to Year 6 has a 45 minute Music lesson with the Music specialist each week. The program has a strong emphasis on aural awareness of beat, rhythm, pitch and melody. Music literacy is developed gradually through aural and then written understanding of rhythm and pitch. Lower Junior School children experience music through a wide variety of singing games, nursery rhymes, speech rhymes and folk songs. Upper Junior School children continue the program with age appropriate folk songs and games. Activities such as singing, listening, playing instruments, movement and creating music are incorporated into the lessons.


There are two choirs: Junior Choir for Year 3, and the Performance Choir for Year 4 to 6. Both choirs are made up of children who are interested in and committed to singing. They perform during the year at school and at community venues such as local nursing homes.

Instrumental Music Program

Our Instrumental Music Program operates with the services of Music Tutors in a variety of fields, including Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Guitar, Strings, Voice and Piano. We look forward to the growth of this program in providing quality Music tuition in specific fields.

The school owns a variety of concert band instruments. These are loaned to students for a nominal fee. This program is available to Junior, Middle and Senior School students.

2020 Instrumental Music Enrolment Form and Contract


The Concert Band is an extension of the Woodwind, Brass and Percussion program. The String Ensemble is also an extension of the Strings Program. Ensemble playing is an excellent means of developing the musical skills that the students have gained through their tutorials. Ensembles meet weekly and are encouraged to perform at school and community functions.


Opportunities are available, even created, for children to perform musically from the Prep year. Performance is a valuable experience for the performers and audience members alike. The school also regularly invites professional performers to provide educational programs for the children.

Performing Arts

Faith Lutheran College, Redlands Junior School Music program offers many performing arts options for students. Current activities include:

  • Junior Training Choir and Senior Choir
  • An Instrumental Music program catering for Piano, Guitar, Woodwind, Brass, Voice, Strings and Percussion
  • Concert Bands and String Ensemble
  • Opportunities for public performances in and beyond the school throughout the year e.g. Salford Waters, FUNFEST and Redlands Eisteddfod.