Student Leadership

Our Leadership Model

Jesus’ model for leadership was one of servant leadership. The whole of Jesus ministry was a demonstration of this way of leadership – the way of service, sacrifice and love. A servant leader uses the authority and responsibility that is entrusted to them to serve others. A servant leader, out of love, serves the needs of others before their own. Leadership in the Christian community is not about one person controlling everyone and everything. It is not about one persons’ perspective being the only valid perspective. In the Christian community, leadership is not about using authority to control and manage but to love and serve.

This is leadership as Jesus taught and demonstrated to his disciples.

It turns traditional ideas of leadership, authority and power upside down.

This is the model of leadership we endeavour to follow at Faith Lutheran College.

Informally everyone is encouraged to be a leader and develop leadership skills throughout their journey at Faith.

Formally the following leadership positions exist for students in the Secondary School at Faith Lutheran College:

Vice Captains

House Captain

Cultural Captains

Sport Captains

Worship Captains

Service Captains

Academic Captains

A student from each Pastoral Care Group in Years 7 – 12 is also elected onto the Student Representative Council which meets regularly to provide input into the College.