​Junior School News T1 W6 2021

Listening to, and sharing stories, has become a theme here at Faith. Intentionally we are tuning in, sharing and appreciating our own and others journey. In these times, we are learning to understand others better.

The Year 6 elected Leaders were privileged to attend the National Young Leaders Day on Wednesday, 24 February. It was a day of receiving inspirational stories, founded on key messages to which we can apply. We all left feeling like these words of inspiration are applicable to each and every one of us, and so, we would like to share some of these messages with our Faith community.

His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d) shared:

“Listen to others, take ideas and allow others to participate in decision making. Trust others and serve with a servant heart. When leading, don’t lead for yourself, lead for those you are leading as leadership is about the people. Make a contribution to the country and make change for the good of the community.”

Australian Singer and Songwriter, Josh Pyke shared:

“Falling short is not failure, rather put your best foot forward, regroup, reassess and keep trying. Acknowledge and support the contribution by others. Trust your instincts and don’t walk past a problem.”

Former Australian professional rugby league footballer, Darius Boyd shared:

“Be the best version of yourself, taking care of your mental health and wellbeing. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up for help. Show gratitude to those around you and be empathetic. Place value in gathering and growing a solid support network.”

Youngest pilot to fly solo around the world, Lachlan Smart shared:

“Setbacks are the foundations to success and be sure of your core values, as they will inform your decisions.”

CAFÉ FLOURISH – need a coffee after drop off? Café Flourish is open each morning from 8:00am – 8:45am, so if you have time take a moment to connect with another parent or a new family in the school. We look forward to seeing you there!

2022 ENROLMENTS – We are currently interviewing for Prep 2022 and other vacancies that exist in some year levels. If you have not enrolled your child yet, please do so as soon as possible to ensure you secure your place. Places are filling fast!

DAILY PROCEDURES – Our daily procedures are in place to keep our students safe; I know some mornings can be challenging, but it is important that we all follow our procedures and do not just duck up to classrooms when we need to. Please expect one of our friendly staff members to kindly remind you to follow these procedures if need be.

If you need to speak with a teacher, please send them an email, write a note in the diary or pop into reception so that we can make a time as quickly as possible to continue to work together.

ARRIVAL BEFORE 8:00AM – We appreciate that sometimes things happen and you may arrive slightly before 8:00am. If this occurs please ensure your child waits in Café Flourish and NOT ON THE PLAYGROUNDS to ensure their safety. If you need to arrive regularly before 8:00am please book into before school care.

JUNIOR SCHOOL CANTEEN VOLUNTEERS - With growth in a school, at times this brings challenges and one of these challenges has been that there has been some hiccups with our Canteen. We have been working hard to implement new procedures to make sure orders are delivered in a faster way to students and with our new volunteer induction process we are also looking for some parents who may be able to volunteer on a regular basis. If you are able to help out on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday each week please click on the following link to register your availability: https://forms.office.com/r/ibMZyXG09q

CROSS COUNTRY – Our Junior School Cross Country event is coming up on 1 April, 2021. We will have competitive races in the morning, followed by a ‘P – 12 Fun Run’ with our Secondary students. Look out for more information coming home shortly for those parents that wish to come along with their House spirit and support this event.

HOLY WEEK – one of our very precious times in the Junior School each year is Holy week. This is our weeklong celebration of the Easter Story that involves all our classes sharing a special milestone in a chapel service each day. This year our final service will be a whole college one in our Junior School SPAH. More details will be coming home soon regarding your child’s involvement, a program of the week is below. We hope you can join us for these special community times.

JUNIOR SCHOOL BIG SPLASH – is happening on 12 March, 2021 from 9:00am – 1:00pm. More information coming home today via email.

COMMUNITY TIMES – it has been a pleasure to see our parents joining us for Chapel and Assembly this week. If you haven’t been able to join us yet but are keen to come along, just sign in with our QR code as you enter the SPAH and take a seat. At the end of these community times, we invite parents to wait in Café Flourish or move towards their child’s collection point until the end of day bell. We look forward to seeing even more of our parents at these as the year progresses.

BULLYING NO WAY DAY - is happening on 19 March, 2021. This is a great day that we take part in to remind our students how to be kind to others and to know what to do if they need to report something. We are asking all students to wear something orange on this day as a ‘free dress’ opportunity. All our regular free dress rules also apply. It is shaping up to be a great awareness day!

Jodi Blackwell - Head of Junior School
Kirsty Clements - Deputy Head of Junior School