Welcome to the Secondary School

Success in life is so much more than just a result at the end of Year 12. In the Secondary School at Faith Lutheran College we have developed a truly holistic place of learning where our staff, parents and students work together so students have every opportunity to achieve their personal best in every area and the confidence to move forward.

At Faith Lutheran College we are planning for the future and preparing our students to enter a rapidly changing world. Our curriculum and pastoral care programs have a contemporary feel that reflects the things our students will need to leave Faith with in order to be successful in life.

Stuart Needham

Head of Secondary

Lifelong Qualities

Our approach is underpinned by a list of lifelong qualities for learners developed by our staff that we wish all students to leave the Secondary School with. These qualities are:

• self-directed, insightful investigators and learners

•discerning, resourceful problem solvers and implementers

• adept, creative producers and contributors

• open, responsive communicators and facilitators

• principled, resilient leaders and collaborators

• caring, steadfast supporters and advocates