Sport - Active@Faith


In 2020 we are launching the “Active@Faith” Sporting Program. At the heart of this is a philosophy that creates an atmosphere of enjoyment, participation, fun, success, being part of community while providing genuine sporting pathways. The Active@Faith program is made up of the following elements.

Active@Faith: Local Sports

Faith students will be given the opportunity to play graded sport as Faith Lutheran College in local club competitions. Seasons will be longer creating greater opportunity for skill development and growth in competency as a team. Competitions will run at different times providing opportunities for students to play a variety of sports.

Active@Faith: Development Squads and Academies

Focusing on key sports will provide an opportunity for a development pathway for players of all levels. The goal is the continued creation of ‘academies’ in certain sports, building on the success of our current Tennis Academy model.

Active@Faith: Quality Coaching

Longer seasons provide the opportunity for students to receive a greater amount of coaching each season. Focusing on key sports enables the College to engage the best possible coaches. Development and training for Senior Students to attain coaching qualifications will be offered, support and workshops for parent volunteers in sports will also be offered.

Active@Faith: School Sports

Students at Faith will have greater access to Queensland School Sports carnivals and competitions from Junior to Secondary. District, Regional, State and National pathways will be sustained as well as continued involvement with associations such as Sport in Lutheran Primary Schools (SLAPS). Involvement in Gala Days, such as the Vicki Wilson Cup, will be implemented.

Active@Faith: Tours

Sport tours will be offered at both domestic and international levels across a variety of sports as opportunity and demand arise. Relationships with international destinations for Sport will also be fostered.

Active@Faith: Sports Excellence

Secondary Sports Excellence classes will be offered as part of the elective process. Students will be able to focus on learning and training in a specific sport as part of their academic choices. Physical Education and Health classes will continue as normal.

Active@Faith: Pathways

Through involvement in school-based teams in local sporting competitions students will have access to representative pathways that exist through club sport. These pathways are not part of the GBC and JTAS models.


For the Secondary School please contact Karen Campbell at and for the Junior School please contact Steve O'Carroll if you would like to know more information.

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