FLCR Events Committee

Events Committee

The Events Committee consists of parents enthusiastic about creating enjoyable student-focused community activities. Events may include:

  • Student discos
  • Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stalls
  • Funfest
  • Family BBQ Evenings
  • Bush Dance
  • Carnival BBQ’s

Events Committee Terms of Reference

Class Carers

Each Primary Class and Secondary PCG Class may have 2 Class Carers.

Class carers exist:

  • To care for the students and families of our school.
  • To assist teachers in the care and support of the students and families of their class.
  • To increase and act upon our sense of community.
  • To assist as directed with communication between families and between families and the school.

An annual budget per class will be established by the College Executive. This budget will be used to assist the Class Carers with costs associated with the program. Expenditure will be overseen by the Pastoral Deputy Heads of School on each campus.

Class Carer's Handbook


Families and friends may from time to time volunteer their time to assist with events, activities or the daily life of the College. Volunteers undertake an induction process prior to assisting. Induction is valid for 12 months and should be renewed at the beginning of each school year via face to face and online workshop modes.

Volunteering may include;

  • Supporting Sporting Teams and Cultural Groups as coordinated by the Director of Culture and Sport.
  • Assisting in class as directed by the class teacher.
  • Sports Carnivals.
  • In support of Events Committee programs.
  • Tuckshop.

Faith Lutheran College Redlands Community Levy

Replacing the P&FA Levy will be the FLCR Community Levy. Essentially the same as the previous levy, these funds will be used in support of the above programs and also directed by the College Council towards particular projects and programs in the College that have a strong community, P-12 focus.