​Junior School News T1 W2 2021

Welcome back to the 2021 school year! It has been an exciting and refreshing first week as our students returned to campus and we welcome many new students to our College. All of our classes are settling into new routines, beginning to connect with their teachers and setting up for a year of creating and flourishing as they learn.

A HUGE welcome to our new staff members, who have settled into our community:

Mrs Kirsty Clements – Deputy Head of Junior School
Mrs Bianca Lambert – Year 2 Teacher
Ms Laura Trayhurn – Year 3 Teacher
Mrs Carly Davidson – Year 4 Teacher

If you haven’t had an opportunity to introduce yourself and say hello, please make time to let them know you are glad they are here at Faith.

There are many new initiatives as well as activities and events happening in the Junior School this year. Listed below are some details and sneak previews of what is coming up …

Parent Information Night

Next Tuesday, 9 February is our annual Junior School Information night from 5:00pm – 7:30pm. A program of events for the evening is as follows:

To avoid needing to cap numbers in these sessions and allow the maximum number of parents to be part of the evening, we are asking all parents to wear a mask upon entry and during the year level sessions as social distancing will not be possible in classroom spaces.

Thank you for helping us keep our community safe.


Parents are invited and welcome to come and join us again this year for our Chapel and Assembly times each week. If you are coming along, there will be a QR code in the SPAH foyer for you to sign in and register your attendance and some hand sanitiser to use. After you have done this, please find a seat and enjoy the community time together.

Chapel is now on at 2:05pm each Tuesday afternoon

Assembly is now on at 2:05pm each Thursday afternoon

We look forward to sharing some wonderful times together as a Junior School community.


As per our recent communications, at the start of Week 3 we will revert to our regular drop off and pick-up procedures for students. Thank you for your support of these daily routines around our campus.

Look out for more details coming home soon about …


We are excited to share that Café Flourish is reopening this term! This is an opportunity to have a coffee with other parents, connect with new families, ask questions of our staff serving coffees or just start the day with a peaceful cuppa after dropping off in the morning.


We are so excited that we can have some of our parent community opportunities opening back up this year. Whilst we will ask that you follow some protocols to continue to keep our community safe, we are excited to share that parent classroom helpers (to support reading programs, learning rotations etc) will be invited back very soon.


We will be launching a new initiative this year to connect our parents together in our year levels. We will achieve this by introducing Class Parent Representatives in each year level that will support communications between home and school, in conjunction with our Deputy Head of Junior School, Mrs Kirsty Clements


After some great feedback from families last year regarding how they enjoyed being able to find relevant information on our online learning webpage, we will be relaunching this site as a Junior School Communication Hub. This is under development at the moment and will be released in the coming weeks. Our main source of communication will remain via emails, newsletters, our school app and the College website, however, we hope that this new communication hub will assist you to find things that you may need to look up quickly such as uniform days, extra-curricular activities and much more.

Jodi Blackwell

Head of Junior School.