​Junior School News T1 W4 2021

I am so proud of our students as they have settled into their new routines this year! As I spend time moving around the campus at break times and in different classrooms throughout the day; there is a buzz of creativity and curiosity happening. There are students creating, asking questions, making mistakes and learning something new from them, students helping other students and so much more. Our 5C’s are in action and our children continue to show each other what being a Faith student means with their actions. Our community is a place that continues to grow as new families settle in and as we continue to have our parents back on campus for community events and classroom support.

CAFÉ FLOURISH – need a coffee after drop off? Café Flourish is back open again as a place for parents to connect with each other in the mornings, or even as a space to sit quietly and reflect with a cuppa after the morning rush. Each morning the café opens at 8:00am and you will find one of our key staff in there ready to serve you a coffee. Some of our regular Baristas include our Principal, Business Manager, Head of Secondary, Head of Junior School, PA to Principal, Director of Sport and Culture, Chaplain, Early Years Development Co Ordinator, Pedagogy Coach, E-Learning Coordinator and a few more. Stopping by the café gives you an opportunity not only to connect with parents but also staff that you might like to have a chat with. We look forward to seeing you soon.

2022 ENROLMENTS – We are currently interviewing for Prep 2022 and other vacancies that exist in some year levels. If you have not enrolled your child yet, please do so as soon as possible to ensure you secure your place. Places are filling fast!

WET WEATHER – Just a reminder to ensure your children have a raincoat, or one of our Faith showerproof jackets to help keep them dry, in their school bag. On our wet mornings before school, students will place bags down and head to the Library until 8:20am. At 8:20am our classrooms will open, just as they do on connections morning, for our students to have some indoor play together until the day starts.

Reading is an incredibly important daily habit for our students. Here are some tips to encourage this daily habit….

  • Read to Me! – whether snuggled on the couch together or listening to an audio story in the car, reading together is a powerful motivational tool. Don’t forget, your child is never too old to read aloud to you!
  • Beyond Books – reading comic books, magazines, recipes, board game instructions are all ways to get a reluctant reader to practice reading aloud to you in a way that is fun.
  • Don’t stop when you put the book down – reading doesn’t have to end when time is up. Have discussions with your child about what they read once reading time is over, ask them for their favourite parts or what they think comes next in the story.
  • Set an example – one of the most powerful ways to get your child to read is for them to see YOU read. When our kids see us reading and loving literature, this will model and foster their love for books also.