Learning Pathways @ Faith

Learning Pathways @ Faith

Faith Senior School offers students three innovative and flexible Learning Pathways.The OP Pathway, the Diploma Pathway and the Work Education Pathway cater for the learning needs of all students. Each of these pathways creates opportunities for Faith students to have choice in their future learning and careers.

Each student chooses a different and personalised Learning Pathway at Faith. All students at Faith are fully supported by professional and caring teachers and staff. Learning Pathways at Faith give you choice in your future learning and careers. Please give us a call, we would enjoy talking to you about your ideal learning pathway.

Michael: My academic studies are in the OP Pathway. I have chosen this because I plan to gain entry into university directly after I graduate from Year 12 at Faith.

Sophie: The Work Education Pathway gives me the opportunity to study at Faith and prepare for employment at the same time. I really like this pathway because it is flexible and I could negotiate when I was at the College and when I was doing training in my chosen industry.

Daniel: The Health Hub at Faith is a great opportunity. This provides students with valuable Certificate level qualifications to help kick start their future learning and career in the medical and health sector.

Hannah: I am intending to study at university when I graduate from Year 12. I am using the Diploma Pathway to achieve this goal and gain entry into University without needing to sit the QCS test or worry about getting an OP.

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