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Greater Brisbane Conference – GBC

Quality Sport in a Co-educational Environment - Quality Coaching - Quality Resources - Quality Competition - GBC enables excellence - Faith students have thrived by being a part of GBC.

Faith Lutheran College, Redlands is proud to be a part of the GBC competition. The GBC competition is comprised of six main Schools: Faith Lutheran College, Redlands, The Springfield Anglican College, Rivermount College, Faith Lutheran College, Plainland, Sheldon College and Redeemer Lutheran College. With mid-week training and Saturday morning fixtures, this competition provides students with a fantastic opportunity to learn and improve skills, compete in inter-school competition and have fun participating in sports.

We welcome all students to be part of the GBC competition.

Please contact Karen Campbell (Head of Sport) at if you would like to know more information.

Sports which are offered throughout the year in the GBC competition are as follows:

Term 1

Male – Volleyball, Indoor Cricket (Junior & Intermediate) and Cricket (Senior)
Female – Basketball and Soccer

Term 2

Male – TRL (Touch Rugby League)
Female – Netball
Mixed Tennis

Term 3
Male – Basketball and Soccer
Female – Touch Football and Volleyball

Term 4
One day carnivals
Male – AFL
Female – AFL
* Other sports to be confirmed

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