High-Performance Computing

HPC@FLC has been created to cater for students who have a deeper interest in computer technology and computer science. HPC stands for High-Performance Computing. Popularly called 'supercomputing'.

HPC involves very high-powered computers and parallel programming techniques to process, analyse and visualise big data. HPC and big data are used in modelling and simulation in engineering, weather analysis and prediction, medical research, cosmology and anywhere very large sets of data need to be processed.

HPC@FLC is a collaborative initiative between Faith Lutheran College Redlands Middle and Senior Schools, the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology (QASMT), the John Monash Science School (JMSS) and the University of Queensland’s Research Computing Centre (UQ RCC).

The collaboration has been instigated by the UQ RCC’s director, Professor David Abramson and involves the weekly HPC classes as well as a collaborative project to collect environmental data at the three campuses (FLCR, QASMT and JMSS). They will gather temperature, humidity and noise volume levels. The data will then be used in visualisations created using the parallel programming techniques we learn and visualisations of all three campuses compared.

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