Worship Program

The Faith Lutheran College, Redlands Junior School aims to develop a worship program that is Christ-centred, relevant and meaningful, through a variety of forms that develops and nurtures excitement, enthusiasm and a sense of belonging to the Christian community, maximizing the participation of all involved, through the Word of God.

On a daily basis in the classrooms students participate in devotions that incorporate song, prayer and a message references to the Bible. Staff also begin the day with daily devotions.

On a weekly basis on a Thursday Worship is held in the SPAH at 9.50am (for 10:00am start). Parents are welcome to attend. The weekly Worship program is structured around themes eg the fruit of the Spirit as well as special days and event in the Church calendar eg Advent or the College eg Lutheran Schools Week. In the week prior to Easter a daily Worship is conducted on the events of Holy Week. Teachers, students and the College Pastor take an active role in the weekly Worship.

Pastor Brenton Altmann's 2015 Faith Focus Report

Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. (Luke 10:21 TNIV)

Giving Thanks

Let us give thanks and praise to our loving and gracious God who throughout 2015 has continued to bless, encourage, comfort, strengthen and inspire us through the worship life of our school as the Holy Spirit is at work among us.

Junior School Worship Program 2015 – All Are Welcome

2015 has been a year in which our students, staff and parents have again been richly blessed through their participation, support and enthusiasm for our Junior School Worship program. The SPAH continues to be a wonderful facility for worship offering the space to include a variety of activities such as drama and liturgical dance to enhance our Worship experience. Worship in the SPAH occurs on a Thursday morning at 10am. We love to have visitors, especially parents and grandparents come along and share worship with us.


While it can be argued that any time God’s Word is proclaimed is a highlight, there have certainly been some highlights with regard to student and staff participation and presentation.

Holy Week Services celebrating Palm Sunday, the Last Supper (Maundy Thursday), Jesus’ crucifixion (Good Friday) and Jesus’ resurrection (Easter Sunday) were inspiringly led by students together with their class teachers again this year. These worship services presented the wonderful Gospel message of Jesus’ loving sacrifice on the cross and his rising from death, bringing new life, in a powerful and moving way as the Holy Spirit shone through our students. Special thanks to our students and our class teachers for their extraordinary efforts in helping to make Holy Week so meaningful and moving.

Other highlights have included our Opening and Closing Worship Services for the year and our ANZAC Day worship.

Behind the Scenes

In order to ensure that worship runs smoothly each week, a great deal of effort is put in behind the scenes. We have again been blessed with staff who have taken on board the ‘behind the scenes work’ of sound, music and data projection. Thanks to Mrs Beveridge, Mr Bird and Mrs Altmann for undertaking this important role.

The Work of the Holy Spirit

All thanks and praise to our loving and gracious God who again in 2015 has continued to bless, encourage, comfort, strengthen and inspire us through the worship life of our school, through the message of his Word and work of the Holy Spirit in our Faith community.

Pastor Brenton Altmann