Principal's Message T1 W2 2021


Our theme word for 2021 here at Faith is ‘CREATE’. You will start to see it around the traps soon enough, on our email footers, promo materials, staff reflections, student work and so on. It’s a fun word and a great one for schools, particularly as we head deeper into the 21st Century.

In the book of Genesis, we see God reflecting on His created work and noting that it was very good (Genesis 1:31). I am not going to get into the debate about the creation narrative here, was it a literal 7 days, was it over many years, where does science fit in and so on. Suffice to say that I think all those things can co-exist. The Bible is not a Science text-book, it is a theological document, it reveals God to us, it does not unveil the intricacies of deoxyribonucleic acid. In short, God Created.

And He invites us to do the same.

The overarching theme of the Bible is that God loves us and is for us. That He created a space for us to be in, with Himself and with others and that in that space we can be co-creators and co-lovers, co-forgivers too.

And so, here we are launching into 2021 in a school that the Good Teacher has put here for us, for our kids. A space which has wonderful facilities, amazing and supportive teachers and support staff, connected and lovely mums and dads and, of course, the exceptional children we serve, from the smallest to the tallest. A space where we can create, learn and grow.

After our Year 6 badge ceremony yesterday a little Preppie, 5 days at school tops, asked me, “Why didn’t I get a badge, how come those kids got one and I didn’t?” “Well,” I replied, “Those kids are our student leaders, they are in Year 6.” “But I’m 6”, he said. “Right, but they are 12”, I replied. “Oh, okay”, he accepted.

And it was very good.

Shane Altmann