Year 5

Semester One

In Semester 1 Year 5 have many exciting experiences. In Term 1 our focus will be on early Australia and the First Fleet. The children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning experiences, such as, learning and presenting a Bush Ballad to their peers and role playing the experiences of the early settlement at Sydney Cove. We have a visiting artist who engages and excites the students by performing a collection of entertaining Bush Ballads.

The Year 5 students also team up with a Prep buddy during Term 1. They will visit with them throughout the year and participate in activities together. Showing responsibility for a Prep buddy helps to develop and enhance the students’ leadership skills.

During Term 2 we will be continuing our focus on early Australia by delving into the adventures of some of our early explorers. This will build on our knowledge of early Australia and how the various regions of Australia were founded and settled. Term 2 will also see the students awaiting Funfest where they will perform for the visitors to Faith.

Semester Two

In Term 3 we continue our journey through the exploration of Australia and its history by experiencing the thrills of the Gold Rush era. We examine the effects that this time in Australia’s history has had on its future development. This topic will integrate into many curriculum areas including English, SOSE, ICT and Visual Arts. The unit will culminate with a Gold Rush excursion where students will participate in a day of hands-on activities.

In Term 4 much of our work will focus on Federation and early Australian government. Students will learn what it was like for the separate colonies of Australia to join together and become one nation. Students learn about the many Prime Ministers that Australia has had and find it a challenge to learn their names.

Our Rotations program engages our students in learning experiences in the areas of Health, Science and Visual Arts. This Rotations program allows the students to work with each of the Year 5 teachers.

During the year students have the opportunity to develop their skills in various sports, as well as teamwork and sportsmanship by participating in the JTAS Sports program where they have the opportunity to compete against students from other schools.

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